For Parents


Parent Registration Packets……..please download


2017 Registration Info Packet–All Families [PDF] – Every parent should download this important information. Includes all the details about the regular season program for 2017, including the most frequently asked questions. Please take the time to read through this information, including the list of important dates.

2017 WMLL  New-Family-Packet [PDF]If you are new to WMLL, please download this information in addition to the main info packet above.

2017 Skills Session -Times-By-Age [PDF] – The 2017 Player Skills Evaluation Session is set for Saturday, April 1, at the Memorial High School Field House. All baseball players age 12 and under, as well as all Girls’ Softball players age 12 and under, should attend the player skills evaluation session. Projected times for 2017 for each age are listed in this packet of information.

The Parent-Volunteer Pledge

“As a WMLL parent or volunteer, I will teach all children to play fair and to do their best. I will positively support all managers, coaches and players. I will respect the decisions of the umpires. I will praise a good effort, win or lose.”

WMLL Parent Handbooks & League Rules ……. 2017 Handbooks Coming Soon


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