Photo of a baseball field sign. It reads "Please remember: 1) These are kids. 2) This is a game. 3) The coaches volunteer. 4) The umpires are human. 5) You do not play for the Cardinals."

What Makes A Nightmare Sports Parent – And What Makes A Great One

According to three decades of informal surveys from Proactive Coaching, nearly 75% of kids who play organized sports quit by age 13. Some find their skill level hits a plateau and the game is no longer fun, some simply discover other interests – But too many promising young athletes turn away from sports because their parents become insufferable.

The vast majority of dads and moms that make rides home from games miserable for their children do so inadvertently. They aren’t stereotypical horrendous sports parents, the ones who scream at referees, loudly second-guess coaches or berate their children. They are well-intentioned folks who can’t help but initiate conversation about the contest before the sweat has dried on their child’s uniform.

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