We Need Your Support!


The WMLL Capital Campaign is in full swing. See how you can help us reach our interim  “groundbreaking” goal of $750,000.  We really need every WMLL family to step up to the plate and pitch in with a donation that fits your budget.  Any and all donations will be much appreciated.

More information regarding the project details and donation levels can be found at the WMLL Capital Campaign website. If you would like to speak with someone from the committee regarding the campaign or participation on the committee, please send an email to wmllcapitalcampaign@gmail.com.

NEW!!!   WMLL now has the capability to handle automatic monthly deductions  directly from your account.  A pledge of $600 over 2 years equals only $25/month.   A $1000 pledge equals only $41.67/month over 24 months.  Please consider one of these monthly plans.

WMLL is a 501c3 tax-exempt charitable organization.

FUND RAISING UPDATE: Capital Campaign pledges are now over $300,000