2016 Brewers Tickets SOLD OUT!!!!!! THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!


2016 Little League Night at the Brewers —– Thanks for stepping up to the plate and buying all remaining tickets!!  A few bus seats are still available.

Tuesday, June 28, 2016, the Brewers will take on the NL West Champion LA Dodgers at Miller Park for Wisconsin Little League Night at the Brewers. Enjoy the “never-bad-weather” confines of Miller Park and join over 10,000 Little Leaguers as they parade on the field and get on the big screen instant replay board. Team Reps will be coordinating this effort with Sponsorship Chair, Kris Scholten. This is a major fund raiser for your league, so please plan to attend. Tickets are $30 each (a $15 discount!!) on the 2nd level infield sections of Miller Park….great seats!! Team Reps are encouraged to begin taking orders from their team’s parents in May, and then following up with Kris Scholten through June 7.

Badger Bus Again for 2016? If there is enough interest, WMLL will be reserving a Badger Bus  for those who would rather ride than drive. $20 per person for the bus (must be paid for with separate check along with your ticket order). If we can’t fill the bus, checks will be returned. We filled two buses in 2013 and a double-decker the past 2 years.  A few bus seats are still available.


2016 Little League Nights at the Mallards —– Mallards Ticket Deadline Has Passed.  Tickets are no longer available thru WMLL

Mallard and Brewer EVENT QUESTIONS? Email Kris Scholten at sponsor@wmll.org.