Parking Lot Rules & Field Conditions Sign

All WMLL fans are encouraged to check out the Parking Lot Rules sign to the right of the main parking lot entrance.  In addition to the parking rules, the sign also displays the current game status based on Field Conditions.  There are three Field Condition options:

GAMES ON (shown above)

NO GAMES:   used if games are rained out during the season
No Games





FIELDS CLOSED:  generally only used during the off-season
Fields Closed





IMPORTANT REMINDER:   the main parking lot is reserved for coaches (one per team) with a valid WMLL-issued permit, as well as those individuals with a State-issued Handicapped plate or placard.  All others must park along Forward Drive, in the former Rayovac parking lot or in the Madison Ice Arena parking lot.  VIOLATORS ARE SUBJECT TO TICKETING AND TOWING.

So………….PLEASE observe our parking rules so our volunteer coaches have parking spots available.  THANKS!!!