2016 WMLL Home Run Derby a Success!

The 6th Annual WMLL HR DERBY was held on October 16 to raise money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society to fund research for a cure for blood cancers.   This year’s event, featured 47 competitors hit a total of 41 home runs & raised $1320 for research!  

2016 HR Derby Champions:
Grade School Division: Steve Callahan (3 HRs)
High School Division: Jake Steidl (3 HRs)
Adult Division: Kevin Menningen (5 HRs)

This annual event was started by former WMLL player, Marco Mascitti.  Marco’s dad, Jason, a former WMLL coach and sponsor, is a double survivor having successfully battled leukemia and lymphoma.








Steve Callahan                               Jake Steidl                                        Kevin Menningen