2018 Skills Session at Memorial


The 2018 Baseball and Softball Skills Sessions will be held on Saturday, March 17, at the Memorial High School Field House.  These sessions are designed to allow coaches to observe players during various baseball and softball skill drills.  Coaches evaluate player performance and use this information during the league drafts the following week.  The overall objective is to draft teams of relatively equal talent level for competitive balance.

The skills sessions are  for players 12 and under (13’s and older do not attend). Players who are new to WMLL must bring a copy of their birth certificate to the sessions. Please arrive on time for your scheduled session and register at the check-in table.

2018 Skills Session Schedule 

3:45 pm – 8 year olds (last name A-L)
4:15 pm — 8 year olds (last name M-Z)
4:45pm — 7 year olds (A THRU Z)
5:15 pm – 10 year olds (last name A-L)
5:30 pm – 11 year olds (last name A-L)
5:45 pm — 10 year olds (last name M-Z)
6:05 pm – 11 year olds (last name M-Z)
6:30 pm — 9 year olds (last name A-L)
6:45 pm – 12 year olds (last name A-L)
7:15 pm – 9 year olds (last name M-Z)
7:30 pm — 12 year olds (last name M-Z)

3:45 pm — 7-8 year olds
4:05 pm — 9-10 year olds
4:30 pm — 11-12 year olds

Please be on time to check in.  Actual Skill Session drills for the players will begin approximately 15 minutes after check-in is complete. Bring your glove and wear gym shoes (no cleats or hard-soled shoes)! Once a player completes their drills, they are free to go. The coach who selects your player in the draft the following week will contact you regarding team meetings and practices.