2017 Game Schedules & Rainout Makeups — Spring/Summer Season


WEB-BASED  BASEBALL SCHEDULES —– Click on your League in the left sidebar to find your standard web-based schedule of upcoming games. To view your team’s schedule, just click your team name.
(if viewing on a smartphone, return to the WMLL homepage and click on “LEAGUE PAGES,” then on your league, then on your team name)

Click below for PDF CALENDAR-STYLE Baseball Schedules (by field):

2017 Atlantic and Pacific League Game Schedules [PDF] — 7-8 and 9-10 year old leagues

2017 Central and Major League Game Schedules [PDF] — 11 and 12 year old leagues

2017 Badger and Senior League Game Schedule [PDF]  — 13-14 and 14-15-16 year old lgs

Rainout Makeup Schedules — Baseball click on your league after rainouts

Atlantic            Pacific               Central                 Major                Badger          Senior



Softball Schedules:   List Style —- MINOR LG —- MAJOR LG — JR & SR LGS

WEB-BASED Softball schedules (Minor & Major Lgs only) are now posted on league pages.
To view your team’s WEB schedule, go to your league page and click your team name.  Opening Day for Softball was May 13 at the Forward Drive location.