League, team & field schedules & rescheduled game notices

League & team schedules on wmll.org

League Schedule: Click on your League in the left sidebar to find the standard web-based schedule of upcoming games for your league.  If viewing on a smartphone, use “Menu” on the top right, select “League Pages” & then the desired league.

Team Schedule: To view your team’s schedule, just click your team name from the league page.

Calendar-style league & field schedules

Click on the links below to view the entire season on a calendar-style .pdf.

Atlantic & Pacific Leagues / Minor Field Schedule
Major League / Major Field Schedule
Badger & Senior Leagues / Senior Field Schedule
All Softball Leagues Schedule

Rescheduled games notices

Click on the links below to view the makeup schedule for any cancelled games.  These makeup games will also be rescheduled onto the website schedule & the calendar-style schedules above.

Atlantic League
Pacific League
Major League (baseball)
Badger League
Senior League (baseball)
Minor League softball
Major League softball

Minor League Softball Pitching Plan

Click on the link HERE to view a schedule showing the type of pitching that will be used in each game – machine-pitch, coach-pitch or player-pitch.