Baseball Opening Weekend rescheduled to Apr 28 & 29

Opening Weekend is being rescheduled

Opening weekend for the Atlantic, Pacific, Major & Badger Leagues has been rescheduled to April 28 & 29.  Full schedules will be available soon.

Yes, the weather will be nice this weekend…but the fields aren’t ready!

While the weather on April 21 & 22 will very likely be nice, the fields are not yet ready for play.  The recent snow & unseasonable weather prevented preseason field preparation & related maintenance activities from being completed.  WMLL’s talented grounds crew is working hard to get the Forward Drive fields into the fantastic condition that our players are accustomed to.

Games will be played prior to Opening Day…weather & field conditions permitting.

Games scheduled for Monday, April 23 through Friday, April 27 will be played according to the schedule…weather & field conditions permitting.  Check for schedule & field condition information (or subscribe to receive field condition email updates HERE or call 608-274-6556 for a recorded field condition update.)

Opening Day for Senior League baseball will take place on May 25