Parking update for 2018 season

The bad news!

Active construction project will create hassles! Due to the Exact Sciences construction project currently underway across Forward Drive from WMLL, parking for WMLL families will be different, and less convenient, than in past years and traffic on Forward Drive will be heavier than usual.

The lot across the street from the batting cages is no longer there! The large Rayovac / Exact Sciences parking lot across the street from the batting cages is now a construction site. WMLL families are not allowed to park in lots owned by Exact Sciences or WMTV-Channel 15.

Parking in the WMLL lot is restricted! As in past years, to ensure adequate parking for coaches, the use of WMLL’s parking lot is restricted to vehicles displaying either an official disabled permit or a valid WMLL parking pass. Violation of this policy will result in the Madison Police Department being called and a citation being issued.

The good news!

Sufficient parking is still available! Like always, WMLL families may park anywhere on Forward Drive. In addition, we can also park in the portion of the Madison Ice Arena parking lot close to Forward Drive (away from the ice rink).

Designated player drop-off zone for safety & convenience!  Please use the designated drop off zone on Forward Drive just to the north of the main parking lot entrance.  Do not pull into WMLL’s parking lot for drop-offs or pick-ups as there are many people in the area.

One coach per team is eligible to receive a WMLL parking pass! Parking passes allow coaches to park in WMLL’s parking lot from 75 minutes before their games until 30 minutes afterwards. Coaches must hang their parking pass on their rear-view mirror so that they can be checked against the game schedule for enforcement purposes.