Details on Little League Night at Miller Park

The event

Little League Night at Miller Park is on Tuesday, June 26 and features a game between the Brewers & the KC Royals starting at 7:10 PM.  Little League players in uniform accompanied by their coach get to parade on the field before the game.

What to wear

Players that want to be in the parade must wear their team jersey and hat, baseball pants are optional.  Managers and coaches are to wear a team shirt and/or hat.

When to arrive

  • Charter bus: For those that purchased a ticket ($20/person paid in advance), the chartered bus will leave WMLL at 3:30 PM.  Several seats are still available, contact Annette Fox at if you’re interested in riding the bus.
  • Miller Park: Players & coaches should gather with their teams by 5:45 PM outside Miller Park in the designated WMLL meeting spot, indicated by a West Madison Little League sign, on either the pedestrian bridge over Miller Park Way or in the right field plaza.

Before the parade

  • Parents need to make arrangements with their team’s coach on how their child is to get to their seat after the parade – see “After the parade” below.
  • Players need their ticket to proceed with the parade into Miller Park, so parents please give your child their ticket before the parade starts.
  • A maximum of three coaches per team with a game ticket are allowed to join the parade. No other adult is allowed to walk with the team in Miller Park.
  • To keep things moving, each player should hand their own ticket to the usher for scanning upon entry of the ballpark – coaches should not give tickets for their entire team to the usher as it slows things down!

During the parade

  • Parents are encouraged to gather in the lower seat areas with cameras to take pictures.
  • Players and coaches are to stay on the warning track during the parade & to be courteous and respectful at all times.
  • Players & coaches are expected to keep on walking during the parade and should not stop to take individual or team pictures.
  • If Milwaukee Brewer players and/or coaches are present, please do not stop to talk to them or have any pictures taken. You are encouraged to orally greet them and wish them good luck in the upcoming game.

After the parade

  • After completing the parade route, players and coaches will go up a ramp that emerges on the Field Level near the Left Field entrance or Hot Corner Gate.
  • Parents can meet their players at the Hot Corner Gate or coaches will take players to the team seating area.  Parents & coaches should discuss how the players will get to their seats in advance.

Contact Annette Fox at if you have questions.