WMLL Tournament Teams

2018 Tournament Season

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U9 Teams: American & National
    U9 National won the Poynette tournament!  Congratulations!
U10 Teams: American, National & Pacific
    U10 National was runner-up at District!  Way to go!
    U10 National won the Reedsburg tournament & was runner-up at Poynette!  
U11 Teams: American, National & Central
U12 Teams American, National & Major
    U12 American was runner-up at District!  Congrats!
    U12 American won the Reedsburg tournament!  Way to go!
U13 Badger Team
U14 Teams: American & National
    U14 American won District & was runner-up at State! Details HERE
    U14 American won the Oconomowoc & Reedsburg tournaments!  Way to go!
U16 Senior Team
    Won State & competed in Regional semifinals! – Details HERE

U10 Team
U12 Team