Important information & helpful tips about WMLL Fall Ball

Please see below for some key points that all WMLL players, volunteers & families should understand.

  • WMLL’s website is always a great source of information about Fall Ball & WMLL.
  • Additionally, information sheets from the Fall Ball parent, team rep & coach meetings can be found HERE.

GAMES: The season consists of 12-games over 7 weeks beginning on Aug 27. Teams play twice a week – usually one weekday & one weekend game. The season will end on Oct 14 even if all rainout makeups have not been completed.

  • Week 7 is reserved for any rainout makeups that weren’t rescheduled during weeks 1-6. 
  • No games are scheduled on Labor Day (Sep 3) or Rosh Hashanah (Sep 10). Labor Day may be used for rainout makeups.

SCHEDULE: The best source for the schedule is It can easily be viewed by team, league, day or as a complete calendar-style master schedule containing all leagues & games. Click HERE for details on how to view the different schedules.

  • The master schedule is also posted on the Forward Drive bulletin board (but may lag behind the website with updates)

LEAGUE RULES: Fall Ball rules are similar to those used during the regular season. All national Little League rules apply unless specifically changed in WMLL’s local rules. Local rules for each league are available on WMLL’s website HERE.

FIELD CONDITIONS: There are several ways to keep abreast of field conditions on game days.

  • Check the field condition page on WMLL’s website HERE
  • Sign up for field condition email alerts HERE
  • Call WMLL’s field condition hotline at 274-6556
  • Follow WMLL on Twitter or Facebook
  • Look for field condition updates on the sign by WMLL’s parking lot

MANDATORY VOLUNTEER SERVICE: To make the WMLL experience a great one for our players, while also keeping our registration fees affordable, one parent/guardian for each player registered must volunteer in some fashion every season…or opt out by making a special donation when registering.

  • During Fall Ball the following activities satisfy the service requirement: head coach, assistant coach of record (1/team), team rep & one-shift as concession stand helper (base umpire and scoreboard operator do not.)
  • Concession stand volunteers are critical to the successful operation of the concession stand. The work is easy…& even fun. A shift begins 15 minutes before your team’s game time & last thru the “end of game” rush. Volunteers must be at least 16-years-old, although adults are preferred.
  • Your team rep will be soliciting & organizing volunteers for your team – please be helpful & cooperative!

POST GAME TREATS: All players in all leagues get a $2 post-game snack from the concession stand after every game. These prepaid snacks were included as part of the registration fee.

PARKING: WMLL families may park anywhere on Forward Drive & in the portion of the Madison Ice Arena parking lot close to Forward Drive.

  • Restricted Parking in WMLL Lot: To ensure adequate parking for those with special needs & coaches carrying heavy equipment bags, the use of WMLL’s parking lot is restricted to vehicles displaying either an official handicap permit or a valid WMLL parking pass. On Saturday mornings ONLY Challenger League families can park in the main lot.
  • Player Drop-Off: Please use the designated drop off zone on Forward Drive just to the north of the main parking lot entrance. Do not pull into WMLL’s parking lot for drop-offs or pick-ups as there are many people in the area.


  • No Peanuts: For the safety of players & spectators with peanut allergies WMLL does not allow peanuts anywhere at the ballpark.
  • No Pets: For insurance, safety and sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed at WMLL – except for guide dogs for sight-impaired individuals.
  • No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages: Smoking & alcoholic beverages are not allowed on WMLL property.

SAFETY FIRST: WMLL believes in “safety first” & is an active participant in Little League’s “A Safety Awareness Program”. Players, coaches, spectators & umpires are expected to:

  • be careful, use good judgment and adhere to the guidelines in the WMLL safety plan
  • help keep WMLL’s fields, grounds and facilities neat, clean and safe
  • report any hazardous condition or safety issue with the facility, grounds, playing fields and equipment a WMLL board member, a grounds crew member or the full-time staff in the concession stand.

SPORTSMANSHIP: Coaches, parents, players & spectators must adhere to a high level of sportsmanship. WMLL will not tolerate:

  • verbal or physical altercations or other negative interactions between or among coaches, spectators & players
  • harassment of umpires, including questioning “judgment” calls, not accepting & respecting umpire decisions & other actions that undermine umpire authority
  • hazing or organized chanting or “cheering” directed at opposing teams or players

KEY CONTACTS: Please reach out if you have questions, suggestions, concerns, or comments.

  • Your Team’s Coach and/or Team Rep
  • Your Fall Ball League Coordinator:
    • Challenger Lg: Randy Norton – 279-0384 /
    • Rookie BB: Kyle Friedow – 212-2337 /
    • Minor BB: Harry Miller – 233-0866 /
    • Major BB: Frank Lenoch – 233-1483 /
    • Junior BB: Tom Rhatican – 338-2803 /
    • Senior BB: Jerry Schmitt – 575-3988 /
    • Minor SB: Brian Beutter – 535-0001 / & Scott Fossum – 209-2485 /
    • Major & Junior SB: Barry Vredenbregt – 575-6204 /
  • Fall Ball Season Coordinators: Tom Rhatican 338-2803 / & Brian Beutter – 535-0001 /
  • Executive Director: Brian Beutter – 535-0001 /
  • President: Tom Heneghan – 698-1995 / Tom.Heneghan@huschblackwell. com