WMLL Bill Battista Jamboree for U11 & U12 baseball tournament teams

Earlier this summer, a fantastic new event was held at WMLL – the WMLL U11 & U12 Bill Battista Jamboree.  The Jamboree consisted of an exciting weekend of round-robin intersquad play by WMLL’s three U11 tournament teams & the U12 open tournament team.

  • U11 American coached by Robb Vogel, Jeff Liggon & Tom Still
  • U11 National coached by Mark Schauder, Miles McGettigan & Erik Monson
  • U11 Central coached by Scott Tunzi, Travis Schreiber & Mike Zulke
  • U12 Major coached by Ben Jedd, Fred Broihahn & Chad Thums

The tournament was a great success!  Each team played three games on WMLL’s Major Field on the weekend of Saturday, July 21 & Sunday, July 22.  All teams paid a $200 entry fee to cover costs & contribute to a generous $450+ donation to WMLL’s Scholarship Fund.

Thanks to Robb Vogel for coming up with the idea for & organizing the jamboree, for all the volunteers that helped out & to the WMLL ground crew & concession stand staff for having the fields & snacks ready!

Here are the scores from the Jamboree games:

U11 American -15
U12 Major – 8

U11 National – 14
U11 American – 11

U11 Central – 8
U11 National – 7

U11 Central – 15
U11 American – 4

U12 Major – 11
U11 Central – 10

U12 Major – 16
U11 National – 11

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