Parking, Safety & Behavior Reminders


  • Open Parking Areas: WMLL families may park anywhere on Forward Drive & in the portion of the Madison Ice Arena parking lot close to Forward Drive.
  • Restricted Parking in WMLL Lot: To ensure adequate parking for those with special needs & coaches carrying heavy equipment bags, the use of WMLL’s parking lot is restricted to vehicles displaying either an official handicap permit or a valid WMLL parking pass.
    • On Saturday mornings ONLY Challenger League families can park in the main lot.
  • Player Drop-Off: Please use the designated drop off zone on Forward Drive just to the north of the main parking lot entrance. Do not pull into WMLL’s parking lot for drop-offs or pick-ups as there are many people in the area.


  • Safety First: WMLL believes in “safety first” & is an active participant in Little League’s “A Safety Awareness Program”.
  • Behavior Expectations: Players, coaches, spectators & umpires are expected to:
    • be careful, use good judgment and adhere to the guidelines in the WMLL safety plan
    • help keep WMLL’s fields, grounds and facilities neat, clean and safe
    • report any hazardous condition or safety issue with the facility, grounds, playing fields and equipment a WMLL board member, a grounds crew member or the full-time staff in the concession stand.
  • No Peanuts: For the safety of players & spectators with peanut allergies WMLL does not allow peanuts anywhere at the ballpark.
  • No Pets: For insurance, safety and sanitary reasons, pets are not allowed at WMLL – except for guide dogs for sight-impaired individuals.
  • No Smoking or Alcoholic Beverages: Smoking & alcoholic beverages are not allowed on WMLL property.


  • Be a Good Sport!: Coaches, parents, players & spectators must adhere to a high level of sportsmanship.
  • Behavior Expectations: WMLL will not tolerate:
    • verbal or physical altercations or other negative interactions between or among coaches, spectators & players
    • harassment of umpires, including questioning “judgment” calls, not accepting & respecting umpire decisions & other actions that undermine umpire authority
    • hazing or organized chanting or “cheering” directed at opposing teams or players