2018 WMLL Annual Meeting Report & Board Election Results

The 2018 West Madison Little League Annual Meeting took place on Saturday, October 27 at Vitense Golfland.

Here is a brief summary of the meeting as well as next steps for WMLL’s Board of Directors.

Annual Meeting Discussion

After calling the meeting to order & introductions, Tom Heneghan, the 2017-2018 Board president, provided a year-in-review update and Bruce Perchik, the 2017-2018 Board Treasurer, gave a financial report. Following these presentations, an informative open-forum discussion took place during which members at the meeting shared thoughts, suggestions and ideas on many aspects of WMLL’s baseball & softball programs.

Board Election & Results

As the final order of business, elections were held for the six open Board seats after all nominees provided a brief introduction & candidate statement. The six Board members elected consist of three returning Board members – Harry Miller, Mark Newburg & Barry Vredenbregt, and three first-time Board members – Todd Conkey, Michele Gassman & Robb Vogel. Congratulations to all six newly elected Board members…thank you for stepping up to serve WMLL!

Returning Board Members

The WMLL Board of Directors consists of 15-members elected to 3-year terms. The nine returning Board members include Bob Collins, Kyle Friedow, Greg Newman & Mark Schauder (with terms that end next year) & Scott Fossum, Tom Heneghan, Frank Lenoch, Bruce Perchik & Jerry Schmitt (with terms that expire in 2020).

Officer Election & Next Board Meeting

The next Board meeting will be held on Sunday, November 11 at Vitense Golfland. A main focus of this meeting will be to elect the 2018-2019 Board officers (President, VP-Baseball, VP-Softball & Treasurer), to determine which of the six newly elected Board members will serve in the one 1-year seat (the others will serve in 3-year seats) and to assign Board member duties and responsibilities.