Preseason Forward Drive practice schedule & key info

Important information for coaches about pre-season practices at Forward Drive

All Forward Drive fields will open for practice, conditions permitting, on Thursday, April 4.  A practice schedule for all leagues & fields is available HERE Teams also have access to a batting cage during their practice time.

While the Forward Drive fields may already look OK, please be aware that there is critical recovery work that the ground crew needs to do after the long winter.  The ground crew also needs field time to complete larger spring construction/maintenance projects, like the ones on this hyperlink, before opening weekend, as well as standard prep work.  League coordinators, Board members & the ground crew all want to provide teams as much pre-season practice time in on the Forward Drive fields as possible…without jeopardizing field quality or readiness for the start of games.

As such, ALL scheduled practices are dependent upon the field being ready at the scheduled practice time.  Please keep in mind that, in addition to weather-related issues, field readiness will also be impacted by ground crew work.  A field could be available one day, but not the next…even if there is no rain.  Clearly, the ground crew will do their best to minimize this…but it is likely to happen – especially since at present the ground crew is limited to crew chief Torrie Lindner during the week.

Please check field conditions on the hotline (274-6556) or website ( for daily updates.  Field condition email alerts will NOT be used until the start of the season.

If you would like to participate in evaluating field conditions, WMLL can certainly use your help.  Please contact Brian Beutter at  Beyond that, please respect, trust & support the process & know that everyone is doing their best to play ball at Forward Drive ASAP.

When you team does practice at Forward Drive, please keep the following points in mind:

  • Please stay off any areas that appear to be soft or soggy to help the fields be ready for opening day.
  • Do not hit or pitch from the infield grass areas during practice.
  • Soft toss is allowed ONLY in the official soft toss stations near the batting cage.
  • Please replace the field tarps when you are the last practice or if there is not another team at the field when you finish.

Please contact your league coordinator with any questions.

  • Atlantic League: Robb Vogel: 444-5040 & Harry Miller: 334-0867
  • Pacific League: Mark Schauder 843-1325 & Harry Miller: 334-0867
  • Major League Baseball: Mark Newburg: 831-0334 & Frank Lenoch: 233-1483
  • Badger League: Jerry Schmitt: 575-3988
  • Minor League Softball: Michele Gassman: 345-1508
  • Major League Softball: Barry Vredenbregt: 575-6204