All games on Sat, Apr 27 are cancelled!

Opening Day for Pacific, Major & Badger League baseball

  • All Saturday games have been cancelled due to the nasty weather forecast! 
  • A decision about Sunday games will be made after evaluating field conditions on Saturday and/or Sunday & communicated as early as possible.

Communicating field conditions

WMLL communicates field conditions in a variety of ways so that WMLL families and volunteers can select the method that is most convenient for them. While coaches and team reps often also share this information, it is most efficient to get updates directly from WMLL. The options available to WMLL families and volunteers include:

  • Checking the field condition page on WMLL’s website HERE
  • Signing up for field condition email alerts HERE
  • Calling WMLL’s field condition hotline at 274-6556
  • Following WMLL on Twitter or Facebook
  • Looking for field condition updates on the sign by WMLL’s parking lot

As a general rule, the Executive Director provides a preliminary update on field conditions every game day morning and a final determination at 2:30 PM. On occasion, however, circumstances may alter this timing and/or warrant additional updates.

Since the process for making these decisions is complex and the many natural variables cannot be predicted with certainty, it’s not surprising that, on occasion, WMLL makes a mistake when deciding to cancel games in advance. Please understand that WMLL works very hard at this and endeavors to make the correct call, and that our decisions are solely focused on the safety of players, umpires, coaches and spectators.

INTERESTED IN HELPING OUT? Determining field conditions is a critically important function that takes time and effort and comes with a lot of responsibility. WMLL would welcome committed volunteers on a regular or as-needed basis and provide the training necessary so they can assist the grounds crew and Executive Director by checking fields, evaluating conditions and providing updates. If you are interested in helping or learning more about these opportunities, please contact Brian Beutter at