Little League Night at Miller Park on June 25

WMLL will join other leagues from southern Wisconsin for Little League Night at Miller Park on Tuesday, June 25.  Prior to the 7:10 PM game between the Brewers & the Seattle Mariners, Little League players in uniform accompanied by their coach get to parade on the field!

This fantastic event is a major fundraiser for WMLL, as well as a great opportunity for teammates and families to get to know one another better.  There are no WMLL games scheduled on June 25.

Tickets normally sell for over $34, but can be purchased from WMLL for $27 each! Tickets are in Loge Outfield Box section 231 which are good seats at a great price!

Order tickets thru your team rep!  Teams that order by Saturday, June 1 are guaranteed tickets!  The last day for teams to place their order is Sunday, June 10.

·  Team reps CLICK HERE for additional information on how to handle orders!

WMLL will charter a bus for those that would rather ride than provide their own transportation.  The bus costs $20 per person & must be paid for using a separate check from your ticket order.  Details of the bus departure time & place will be distributed with the tickets.  If there isn’t enough interest to fill the bus to capacity, it will be canceled & bus checks will be refunded.

Contact your Team Rep or Kraig Bodie at or 218/780-8746 if you have questions.