Register for WMLL’s 2019 Fall Ball season

The 2019 Fall Ball season runs from August 26 thru October 13 and is WMLL’s version of Little League’s Training & Development Program, a slightly less competitive version of our spring /summer season that focuses on providing players an opportunity to improve their skills playing a variety of positions.

Due to Fall Ball’s developmental focus, players are placed into Fall Ball leagues based upon what their Little League age will be for the 2020 spring/summer season.  Click here for a baseball player age reference chart & here for a softball player age reference chart.

There is no skills session or league draft for Fall Ball. Instead, Fall Ball teams are formed by the league coordinators using player evaluations completed by coaches to distribute players evenly in order to create balanced teams and competitive leagues.

In Fall Ball, players in all leagues are able to take advantage of WMLL’s “buddy system” which allows a pair of friends to request that they be placed on the same team.

The last day to register with the guarantee of a roster spot on a team is July 21, but we recommend registering by July 4 to receive a $15 early bird discount.

To learn more, click on the following links: