Important information for parents, team reps, coaches & umpires


Click HERE for the handout from the Aug 19 parents meeting for families new to WMLL

Team reps

Click HERE for the handout from the Aug 21 meeting for team reps new to Fall Ball
Click HERE to download the volunteer tracker


Click HERE for the handout from the Aug 17 coaches meeting
Click HERE to request a team name change thru Sunday, September 8.
Please consider involving your team in the selection of the new name.  New names will be assigned on a first come, first served basis and must be an appropriate name not currently in use. You will be notified via email when your requested change is made (or rejected).  The following team names are already in use & cannot be picked as a new team name:  Alligators, Badgers, Barracuda, Blaze, Blizzard, Brewers, Bucks, Cobras, Cougars, Crocodiles, Crusaders, Dark Knights, Dolphins, Dragons, Fire, Geckos, Giants, Heat, Holsteins, Hurricanes, Jaguars, Kings, Leopards, Lightning, Mallards, Packers, Panthers, Rattlesnakes, Regents, Sharks, Spartans, Storm, Suns, Team Red, Thunder, Tigers, Titans, Tornadoes, Vipers, Whales, Wolves


Click HERE for information about being an umpire & links to WMLL’s umpire manual & local rules


Contact your league coordinator for questions about rosters, uniforms, schedules, rules or other league matters.
–   Rookie League BB: Robb Vogel – 444-5040 /
–   Minor League BB: Kraig Bodie – 218/780-8746 /
–   Major League BB: Frank Lenoch – 233-1483 /
–   Junior League BB: Mark Newburg – 831-0334 /
–   Senior League BB: Jerry Schmitt – 575-3988 /
–   Rookie League SB: Scott Fossum – 209-2485 /
–   Minor League SB: Michele Gassman – 345-1508 /
–   Major League SB: Barry Vredenbregt – 575-6204 /
–   Junior League SB: Scott Fossum – 209-2485 /
–   Challenger League: Randy Norton – 279-0384 /

Contact or WMLL’s executive director or Board president with other questions.
–  Executive Director: Brian Beutter – 535-0001 /
–  President: Tom Heneghan – 698-1995 /