Mandatory Skills Session on Sunday, March 15 for players Little League aged 7-12



What is the Skills Session?

WMLL places a very high-priority on creating balanced teams and competitive leagues. The skills session is the first step towards achieving balance as it allows WMLL coaches in all leagues to evaluate the relative skills of all players in their league prior to the no-cut player draft.
–   The skills session is not a tryout, because everyone officially registered is guaranteed a spot on a team.

Who must attend the Skills Session?

All baseball and softball players Little League aged 7-12 MUST attend the skills session.
–   For baseball, a player’s Little League age is their age as of 8/31/20.
–   For softball, a player’s Little League age is their age as of 12/31/19.

If your child is unable to attend the skills session, please notify the appropriate league coordinator (see HERE for list).

When & Where is the Skills Session?

The skills session is on Sunday, March 15 inside the Memorial High School Field House (located on the north side of Memorial High School).

Please arrive on time for your child’s scheduled session and check in at the designated table – see below for scheduled check-in times (based on your child’s Little League age and last name)

What happens at the Skills Session?

Soon after checking-in and receiving a pin-on number, your child will be put in an ordered line with other players their age. After this, the players will rotate through fielding / throwing, hitting, and pitching drill stations. After completing these drills, they are free to go.
–   Encourage your child to relax, have fun, and just do the best they can at the skills session.

What do players need to bring to the Skills Session?

Mandatory: Players must bring their glove and wear gym shoes – cleats are not allowed! 7 and 8 year-olds and players new to WMLL (regardless of their age) must also bring a copy of their official birth certificate for age verification

Optional: Player may also bring a bat, batting helmet and/or batting gloves if they would like.

What happens after the Skills Session?

No Cut Player Draft: Soon after the skills session, coaches and league officials gather for the no-cut player drafts. The drafts create balance by distributing more skilled and less skilled players evenly across all teams in a given league.
–   Everyone registered by March 1 will be drafted – no one is cut!

Team Formation: Soon after the draft, usually by the first week in April, coaches will email the players on their team to introduce themselves, notify the players of their team name, and provide information on team meetings and practices.

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Have questions?  Want to be a coach or team rep?

Please contact the appropriate league coordinator (see HERE for list) if have any questions about the skills session or the upcoming season or if you are interested in being a coach (click HERE for info) or team rep (click HERE for info).