Winners of autographed Mike Gosling baseball cards

Thank you to everyone that joined in the chat with former WMLL player & MLB pitcher Mike Gosling on Friday night.  Mike told some interesting stories & there was a great question & answer session.

Here are the ten lucky winners of an autographed Mike Gosling baseball card…

  • Mason B. (Rookie BB)
  • Ethan E. (Major BB)
  • Nathan F. (Junior BB)
  • Sam L. (Major BB)
  • Hartley M. (Rookie BB)
  • Alex Q. (Major BB)
  • Asher S. (Minor BB)
  • Sam S. (Minor BB)
  • Nicholas S. (Junior BB)
  • Theodore T. (Minor BB)

WMLL will be in touch with the winners soon.

Also, a very special THANK YOU to Mike Gosling for making this unique event possible!