How to reserve & use WMLL fields for practice

Locations: There are four distinct practice locations:

  1. Minor Field
  2. Battista (Major) Field
  3. Senior Field
  4. Both batting cage tunnels & surrounding area

Standard & Premium Slots: There are two different day/time classifications:

  1. Premium = weekday starting at 3:30 PM & all weekend
  2. Standard = weekday before 3:30 PM

Allocation: Each team can reserve up to three practice slots a week as follows:

  • Rookie BB & SB, Minor BB & SB, Major BB & SB, & Junior & Senior SB = one premium or standard field slot, one batting cage slot (or second premium slot if all cage slots are full) & for interested teams on a first come, first serve basis one standard field slot.
    • Rookie BB & all SB teams should reserve the Minor Field, rather than the Major Field whenever possible
  • Junior & Senior BB = 2 premium or standard fields slots & 1 batting cage slot.

Reserving a Field:  Click HERE (for week 1) & HERE (for week 2) to go to the WMLL Field & Batting Cage Reservation page.  Once there, review the instructions below before signing up for a slot. In order to be fair & equitable, please do not sign up for more than the allocated number & type of slots.  This will be monitored & violators will lose or have reduced practice field privileges.

  • Also remember that Madison City park fields are great options for teams that play on WMLL’s Minor & Major Fields.  Many fields are free to use & some fields are reservable at a very reasonable rate ($6/hr).  Click HERE to learn about using and/or reserving a Madison City Park Field.

Arrival & Departure: Your practice must start & end within the time period of your reserved practice slot.  To prevent gatherings & preventable interactions for safety reasons, please instruct your team that they should not arrive more than 15 minutes before the reserved practice time & must leave no more than 15 minutes after your reserved practice time.

Field Conditions: There are several ways to check on field conditions before a practice:

  • Check the field condition page on WMLL’s website HERE
  • Sign up for field condition email alerts HERE
  • Call WMLL’s field condition hotline at 608/274-6556