Information about Initial Practices

WMLL will be resuming activities in a gradual, safe and responsible way that meets or exceeds the requirements of the Forward Dane plan and recommendations from the CDC, Little League International and other sources.  As a first step, WMLL will allow teams to begin initial practices on Saturday, June 13. WMLL has developed a set of mandatory requirements that all coaches are required to comply with – including a maximum of 8 players per practice and the requirement for 10’ social distancing. 

  • Click HERE for Public Health Madison and Dane County’s Phase 1 Sports Guidance. As a reminder, Dane County is currently in Phase 1 of the Forward Dane plan. In Phase 1, youth sports team with up to 15 players are allowed to practice with appropriate social distancing in place. It seems likely that Phase 2 of the plan will begin on June 9.
  • Click HERE for WMLL’s mandatory requirements for initial practices.  These requirements will be reviewed with coaches in a mandatory coaches meeting before practices begin. Any coach not committed to these measures to keep players safe will not be allowed to coach and failure to adhere to the requirements will be a serious violation of the WMLL Code of Conduct and will result in action by the WMLL Board. 
  • Click HERE for a letter to coaches.

Over time, WMLL hopes to expand activities in an incremental, stepwise fashion to include full team practices, structured competitions and perhaps modified games with altered rules.  WMLL will not allow any activity until it is permitted by Dane County and until WMLL has mandatory activity-specific protocols and safety measures in place that are based on the most current guidelines.