Practicing at Madison City Parks

 Madison City Parks provide an excellent option for practices.

  • Free Fields: Fields with backstops & grass fields are free to use & are available on a first come first serve basis (unless the field is also used for soccer, in which case it could be reserved).
  • Reservable Small Fields (60′ bases): Fields with dirt infields are reservable by teams at very reasonable cost ($6/hour) using the youth athletics discount. Note: On the reservation site all fields with 60′ bases are called “softball fields”, but the fields can obviously be used for baseball.
  • Bowman Field (90′ bases): Bowman can be rented for $20/hour with a 3-hour minimum.  We are hoping to provide adequate Senior Field practice slots for Junior & Senior League teams so outside rental is not needed.

Reserving Madison City Park fields is very easy.

  • Application: Create an account at the city parks website & then apply to join the “Youth Athletics” group (this is a simple one-click process & no documents are needed.   Please do this right away as it could take up to 10 days to get approval.  This step only needs to be done one time.
  • Reservation: Once approved by the City of Madison Parks Division, reserve a field.  You can search for a specific park using the top search bar on the page or search for a time and date and a generic field type using the “Find Time” search box.
  • Access: The Parks Division will share information with you about how the locked field will be made available to you – either by unlocking it for you in advance or arranging a key transfer.

If you have any questions, please contact Mark Crosby or the City of Madison Parks Division at 608-266-4713 on weekdays from 8AM – 4:30PM or email him at