July 14, 2020

Player Snack Pack – Place your player’s order ASAP!

Since the concession stand is not currently open, WMLL will provide player snack packs after scrimmages (or special designated practices in lieu of scrimmages) so players can still enjoy a post game treat!  These snacks were paid for during registration so there is no additional cost to families!

  • Each pre-bagged snack pack will include a selection of pre-packaged treats.
  • Snack packs will be distributed in a safe & controlled manner by the coach or other team volunteer in the concession stand/picnic porch area following the team’s scrimmage (or special practice).
  • Players have four snack pack options (plus a gluten-free option) to choose from & will receive the snack pack option they select for the duration of the summer season.
  • Please complete the player snack pack order form HERE for every player in your family ASAP.  Based on the timing of your response, we may need to provide your player with a random snack pack during week one.
  • Contact Jenny Luna (concessions@wmll.org) or Scott Fossum (scottfossum@gmail.com) with questions.