July 20, 2020

Plan for remainder of summer season = 4-weeks of scrimmages

As you may remember, WMLL began a one-week trial of expanded team scrimmages on July 15.  To date, over three quarters of the scrimmages have been completed, with the remaining teams will scrimmage tonight & tomorrow night.

The WMLL Board asked coaches, volunteers & families to provide feedback on their scrimmage experience during this one-week trial period and 50 of you did.  THANK YOU!  This feedback has been very positive & strongly supporting continued scrimmages.  The WMLL Board also attended virtually all the scrimmages, speaking with coaches, players & volunteers afterwards.  These firsthand observations also were extremely favorable!

As such, the Board has decided to continue with expanded team scrimmages for the remainder of the summer season.  These scrimmages will begin on Wed, July 22 & continue through Sun, August 16 (except for Junior Lg baseball which may begin on Tue, July 21).  Scrimmages will be played with same the rules & regulations as those used during the trial period, with several additions:

  1. All scrimmages will be scheduled in advance by WMLL (as in past “normal” seasons) – with teams playing one weekday & one weekend scrimmage.  To comply with Dane County requirements, ALL scrimmages will be limited to play between the two squads on an expanded team.
  2. Squads will wear uniforms at the remaining scrimmages (uniforms will be distributed this week)
  3. Teams will likely be given the option to use the scoreboard if they so choose.  
  4. Any teams that don’t want to scrimmage will get the same amount of field time for practices as the teams that are scrimmaging (two slots per week per team or one slot per week per squad). 

Unfortunately, to comply with Dane County’s outside mass gathering limit of 25 people (including players & spectators, but excluding coaches, adult umpires, official volunteers & league officials), the remaining scrimmages will still have limited opportunities for non-volunteer parents to attend.  As such, parents are encouraged to help their team by signing up as an official volunteer for individual scrimmages – plate umpire, plate monitor, bench monitor or squad coordinator.

We appreciate your patience throughout this very unusual season.  It is the Board’s hope that going forward, the four-week schedule with eight additional scrimmages per team will provide a strong, regular & fun end to the summer season.

WMLL will be offering a Fall Ball program currently scheduled to begin on August 24.  More information about the Fall Ball season will be sent out in the near future.