July 22, 2020

Updates & Important Details on WMLL’s 4-week Summer Scrimmage Period

This is a follow-up to Monday’s email which announced the plan to continue with expanded team scrimmages for the remainder of the summer season.  It is the Board’s hope that this four-week summer scrimmage period, which begins tonight & continues through Sunday, August 16, will provide a strong, “regular” & fun end to the summer season.


All teams are scheduled to play eight scrimmages – with one weekday & one weekend scrimmage each week.  Teams that don’t want to scrimmage get the same amount of field time for practices as the teams that are scrimmaging (two slots per week per team or one slot per week per squad).

There are three easy ways to view the summer scrimmage schedule.

  1. via each team’s TeamSnap page
  2. via a printed calendar-style master schedule posted on the ballpark info board
  3. via WMLL’s website in three different formats:a calendar-style master schedule (showing all scrimmages on all fields)
    • a list-style master schedule (showing all scrimmages on all fields)
    • individual team schedules
    • Note: The traditional league & team schedule on the WMLL website that drive’s Today’s Games is NOT being used.

Click HERE for more information about viewing the schedules on www.wmll.org.


WMLL will reschedule rainout makeups on a first-cancelled, first-rescheduled basis keeping Minor & Major BB on the Battista Field & Rookie BB & all SB on the Minor Field.  There are limited rain date slots available on the Minor & Battista Fields – 7 & 12 respectively, so we likely will run out if we get much rain.  There should be sufficient slots on the Senior Field for rainout makeups.


Unfortunately, WMLL cannot reschedule scrimmages to accommodate coach/team schedule conflicts.  Teams may switch slots with another team in their league & must notify their league coordinator when doing so.


Based on feedback received from coaches & parents during the trial week, the player drop-off & pick-up zones are being simplified.  The two new zones are being eliminated & the traditional zone near the batting cages will be used for all fields.  Players arriving for games on the Minor & Major Fields should still meet their team in the designated gathering spot 15 minutes before the scheduled start time.


Scrimmages will be played with same the rules & regulations as those used during the trial week, but players will be in uniform (uniforms will be distributed prior to each team’s first scrimmage).

Click HERE for the full set of rules & requirements.


Every scrimmage needs a number of adult volunteers to help team coaches manage the game & keep players safe.  PLEASE volunteer for these positions when asked by your team’s coach.  The positions are very important &, besides the umpire positions, do not require any special BB/SB knowledge.  Official volunteers, obviously, also get to attend & watch the scrimmage.

  • Mandatory (scrimmages can NOT be held without these volunteers): Base Coaches/Base Umpires (2 per squad), Plate Umpire (1 per scrimmage), Bench Monitor (1 per squad)
  • Recommended: Plate Monitor/Retriever (1 per scrimmage) & Squad Coordinator (1 per squad)
  • Click HERE for more information on these volunteer positions


To comply with Dane County’s outside mass gathering limit, only 25 people may attend any WMLL practice or scrimmage – players & spectator count in this total, but coaches, umpires, official volunteers & league officials do not. Teams may allow spectators to attend scrimmages but must ensure that the outside mass gathering limit is being followed.  Parents should never attend a scrimmage without advance permission from team coaches.