Please support WMLL’s wonderful sponsors!

As you all probably know, WMLL has a fantastic group of sponsors whose generous support over the years has allowed WMLL to become the special place that it is – with top-quality baseball and softball leagues, a family-friendly ballpark, first-class playing fields and programs that make WMLL accessible to players with financial, physical and mental challenges.

Many of our sponsors are struggling during this difficult time. The WMLL Board would like to ask current and past WMLL families and friends to unite in action to acknowledge the support that WMLL sponsors have provided US over the years and do what we can to support THEM in return. Being a customer at any WMLL sponsor and letting them know that you appreciate their support of WMLL will go a long way to help their business in the short term, while also strengthening WMLL’s partnership with them.

Click HERE for a list that includes all current WMLL sponsors with links to sponsor websites (click on the sponsors name)

If you choose to take part in this fun project, which we really hope you will, please make sure that you let the business know that your connection to WMLL has brought you to them.

Thank you for your help in supporting our wonderful sponsors!

If you are interested in learning more about being a WMLL sponsor, please contact WMLL’s Fundraising Committee Chair Todd Conkey at or WMLL’s Executive Director Brian Beutter at WMLL has meaningful sponsorships starting at only $300/year.