Quick Reference Guides for Coaches

Rules of Play (HERE)
These rules include rule & field modifications to keep players safe & adhere to Dane County orders. These modified rules of play are mandatory at WMLL scrimmages (& practices as applicable).

Requirements for Spectators & Volunteers (HERE)
These requirements apply to spectators & volunteers attending WMLL scrimmages & practices.  Coaches may allow spectators to attend team scrimmages or practices but must ensure that Dane County’s outside mass gathering limit of 25 players & spectators is being followed. 

Official Volunteer Positions & Duties (HERE)
A list of both required & recommended official volunteer positions, along with the duties of each.

Field Conditions & Weather Safety (HERE)
Information on WMLL weather safety rules & how to stay abreast of field conditions

Opening & Closing WMLL Fields & the Ballpark (HERE)
Instructions on how to properly open & close WMLL fields & the ballpark