IMPORTANT information about WMLL Fall Ball

As we prepare to start the 2020 Fall Ball season this weekend, WMLL wants to remind you of several very important things:

WMLL Requirements for Spectators & Volunteers (click HERE)

These requirements apply to spectators & volunteers attending WMLL scrimmages & practices. Coaches may allow spectators to attend team scrimmages or practices but must ensure that Dane County’s outside mass gathering limit of 25 players & spectators is being followed.  As such, parents should never attend a scrimmage or practice without advance permission from their team or squad coach.

Official Volunteer Positions & Duties (click HERE)

Every scrimmage needs a number of adult volunteers to oversee the game & keep players safe.  Parents are asked to PLEASE volunteer for these positions when asked by their team’s coach.  The positions are very important &, besides the umpire positions, do not require any special BB/SB knowledge.

WMLL Fall Ball Rules of Play (click HERE)

These rules include rule & field modifications to keep players safe & adhere to Dane County orders.  These modified rules of play are mandatory at WMLL scrimmages (& practices as applicable).