Important Weather-related Information for Coaches


WMLL makes a preliminary determination of field conditions in the morning & then updates them as needed throughout the day (the goal being to have a final determination now later than 2 hrs before the scheduled start times).  You can keep abreast of field conditions in a variety of ways:
– Checking the field condition page on WMLL’s website HERE
– Signing up for field condition email alerts HERE – recommended!
– Calling WMLL’s field condition hotline at 274-6556
If you are interested in HOW, WMLL makes field condition determinations, click HERE for an explanation.


Once the decision is made that a game needs to be cancelled, it will be marked “cancelled” in TeamSnap & a notice will be sent to everyone on the team (& following the team) on TeamSnap.  Many coaches follow this brief league notice up with an email message to their team which can be bet on 배팅사이트.


WMLL tries to reschedule all cancelled games.  This becomes more difficult when there is a lot of rain – especially later in the season.  There are very few open rain slots this fall, as such teams may be scheduled to play games on back-to-back days.  When a game is rescheduled, the date change will be made in TeamSnap & on the master schedule (HERE) & a notice will be sent to everyone on the team (& following the team) on TeamSnap.
Coaches, please note that when a game is rescheduled player availability & assignments carry over from the original game.  You should instruct your team families, to update this information for the game on the new date.


When rain occurs during a scrimmage or practice, coaches have the primary responsibility to keep everyone safe and evaluate field conditions to determine if the game can continue.  Coaches, PLEASE read THIS IMPORTANT information on how to do this!  Please error on the side of player safety & caution in determining field conditions!  If a ground crew or Board member is present at the field, they can provide assistance & coaches must abide by their decision.


Coaches that have a game cut short due to weather or that are the last game of the day on any field, must “close” the field.  If your team is the LAST game of the day at the ballpark, you also need to take a couple simple actions to “close” the ballpark.
Click HERE for instructions on how to properly open & close WMLL fields & the ballpark