Upcoming Special Events

CHALLENGER LEAGUE BASEBALL – Saturday, September 26: WMLL is proud to offer baseball for boys & girls with physical & mental disabilities through our Challenger League program. The program & its players have been a very special part of the WMLL since 2009.  WMLL is pleased to offer special Challenger League games on Saturday, September 26 at 9:30 & 11:00 AM.

MUSIC & ANNOUNCING – Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27: WMLL will be setting up the PA systems for games on Saturday & Sunday, September 26 & 27. This always adds energy & fun to the game. Each team will be allowed one additional official volunteer for an announcer. Announcing is easy & alot of fun. WMLL provides instructions & a script to make things easy. Please contact your team’s coach to volunteer.

TEAM TWIST – Saturday & Sunday, October 3 & 4: On October 3 & 4, the two squads that are paired together on the same team have the option of reformating their rosters – forming new squads consisting of half the players from each of the standard squads. The coaches of the two squads on the same team will decide if they want to participate in this special game being offered as a fun way to break up the routine.  Note: The scramble is limited to players assigned to the two squads on the team involved. Players from other teams may NOT be used under any circumstances.