Key Spring/Summer Season Event & Game Dates



WMLL’s spring/summer regular season consists of 16-18 games for most baseball leagues and approximately 14 games for softball leagues.  Each league’s actual game schedule will be released with team rosters following the player draft & will be made available via Teamsnap & the WMLL website.  Except for Junior & Senior softball, all games are played at the WMLL ballpark.  The only possible exception is in cases of extreme number of rainouts, where games may be played at alternative fields in an effort to get them all in.  Click HERE for maps & more information about the WMLL ballpark.


  • Opening Weekends: Minor & Major baseball teams begin games on Apr 24-25, Rookie, Minor & Major softball teams start on May 15-16 and Rookie baseball teams open on May 22-23.
  • Weekday Games: Teams in these leagues typically play one weeknight game every week – excluding rain cancellations and makeup games.  Each team will play games on all weeknights over the course of their season.
  • Weekend Games: WMLL utilizes alternate weekend scheduling for these leagues in the spring/summer season. In alternate weekend scheduling, leagues alternate between “ON” and “OFF” weekends.  During a league’s “ON” weekends, teams in that league typically play games on both Saturday and Sunday.  During a league’s “OFF” weekends, teams do not play any games. “OFF” weekends are used to give WMLL players & families open weekends for other activities and to allow WMLL players and coaches that participate on non-WMLL affiliated club teams to play in tournaments.
    • Minor League baseball and Rookie, Minor & Major League softball “On” weekends* = May 1 & 2, May 15 & 16, May 29 & 30, Jun 12 & 13, Jun 26 & 27 + Jul 10 & 11
      – Special “On” weekend for Minor Baseball = Apr 24 & 25 (Opening Weekend)
      – Special “On” weekends for Rookie & Major Softball = Jul 17 & 18 (WMLL league tournament)
    • Rookie & Major League baseball “ON” weekends* = Apr 24 & 25, May 8 & 9, May 22 & 23, Jun 5 & 6, Jun 19 & 20, Jul 3 & 4 + Jul 17 & 18
      – Special “On” weekends for Major Baseball = May 1 & 2, possibly May 29 & 30 (hold for Helfaer Field games) & Jun 26 & 27 (WMLL league tournament)
    • * = if dates fall on or between the relevant League’s Opening Weekend & League Tournament

Junior League Opening Weekend is on Apr 24 & 25.  After Opening Weekend, all other regular season games will be scheduled for weekdays – typically with two games every week.  Whenever possible, rainout makeup games will also be scheduled on weekdays. As a last resort, rainout makeup games could be scheduled on the following Sundays – May 23, Jun 6, Jun 20, Jul 4.  Weekend games may also take place on the weekend of Jul 17 & 18 the the Junior League tournament.

Senior League Opening Day is on May 23.  After that, teams typically play one game every Tuesday, Friday & Sunday.

These teams play in a regional league with a season and schedule determined by that league – typically with all games on weeknights.  Dates for 2021 have not yet been released.  Home games are played at the WMLL ballpark and/or the Jefferson Middle School softball diamonds.  Away games are played on the diamonds of other area teams in the league.  Click HERE for the most current Junior & Senior softball information available.