Navigating COVID – April 18, 2021

April 9, 2021 (updated April 18, 2021)

WMLL is fully committed to providing a fun, safe and responsible spring/summer season of baseball and softball in accordance with county & state requirements.

WMLL expects every WMLL parent, volunteer & player to understand & adhere to the special COVID Rules & Requirements for the spring/summer 2021 season (click HERE).

  • Stay Home if you have a fever, are experiencing any other COVID symptoms, or have had a known exposure to a person with COVID-19 until being cleared by a medical professional.
  • Face Coverings/Masks are STRONGLY recommended for everyone attending a WMLL event – including spectators, players, coaches & volunteers.
  • 6’ Physical Distancing is required at all times for individuals not residing in the same household – except for players, coaches & umpires actively participating in a WMLL game, warmup, practice, or clinic.  While these individuals are not required to maintain physical distancing, they should do so whenever possible.
  • Frequent Hand Washing / Sanitizing is recommended for everyone, especially before & after eating or drinking, using the restroom, sharing a bat, & playing on the playground.
  • Eating & Drinking must be done in a considerate manner – ensuring 6’ of physical distancing exists at all times. Sharing food is prohibited – except for members of the same household. Food & snacks of all kinds are prohibited on the playground, on the playing fields & in the expanded dugout / player drop spots.

On April 7, a new Public Health Madison & Dane County (PHMDC) Emergency Order (#15) went into effect. Order #15 furthers the significant updates to sports requirements in Orders #13 & 14.  You can read the full order HERE & a information specific to sports HERE.

With the release of each of PHMDC’s new orders, WMLL has updated the special COVID rules & requirements that will be enforced at the WMLL ballpark & WMLL events.

Physical distancing requirements in Order #15 remain the same as they were in Order #14 – six feet of physical distancing is required at all times between individuals not from the same household except when individuals are actively participating in a sport.

The biggest rule change in Order #15 (& thus the new WMLL rules & requirements) is that face coverings/masks, while still strongly recommended, are no longer required when outdoors – even when actively participating in a sport where physical distancing is not required.

The Board will continue to closely monitor PHMDC requirements as well as information from Little League, the CDC, etc.  If PHMDC orders change, WMLL will adjust plans accordingly & provide updates to WMLL players, families and volunteers in a timely fashion