WMLL team jersey sale for parents & fans

Support your child’s team (& WMLL) by purchasing a fan jersey for only $12!!

Fan jerseys will be exact matches of team jerseys – without a number or team sponsor on the back.  You must order jerseys via the WMLL fan jersey site HERE & then pay for jerseys at the Badger Sporting Goods site HERE.

  • Sorry for this extra step. It is necessary to allow orders to be placed before team assignments are made.
  • Any incomplete orders (jerseys that are ordered at the WMLL site, but not paid for at the Badger Sporting Goods site) will NOT be processed. Please don’t forget to pay!

To be clear, you do NOT need to order a jersey for your child/player. His/her jersey was paid for during registration & will be ordered by the league.

Step 1: Ordering Fan Jerseys

Be sure to order your jerseys HERE by the deadline for delivery by Opening Day!

  • Minor BB, Major BB & Junior BB: Order by April 9 for opening day delivery
  • Rookie BB, Rookie SB, Minor SB, Major SB & Junior SB: Order by April 15 for opening day delivery
  • Senior BB: Order by July 11 for opening day delivery
  • If you miss your league’s Opening Day deadline, you can still order a fan jersey that will be delivered ASAP.

You do NOT need to know what team your child is on to order a matching fan jersey.   WMLL will order you the correct colors for the team that drafts your child.

If you have more than one child playing at WMLL & want to order a jersey for more than one team, please place those orders separately.

Step 2: Paying for Fan Jerseys

WMLL is partnering with Badger Sporting Goods to provide fan jerseys. Payment must be made via Badger Sporting Goods’ special WMLL fan jersey site HERE.

Since WMLL will provide Badger Sporting Goods with size & color details for your order, you need only provide payment information, your child’s name + date of birth, & your order quantity to allow WMLL to match payments with orders (sizing is not needed).


If you have questions about fan jerseys, please contact Brian Beutter at brian.beutter@gmail.com.