WMLL League Tournament Schedules & Results

At the end of the regular season, teams in all WMLL leagues participate in a league tournament.  Since the tournament bracket is based on regular season standings, the schedule cannot be determined until near the end of the regular season.

Due to the bracket nature of these games, WMLL will not be scheduling these games in TeamSnap.  Individual teams are encouraged to do so & families are asked to mark their calendars with all potential tournament games for their child(ren)’s team(s).

In almost all league tournament games, the higher seeded team is the home team.  The only exceptions are the semifinal & championship games in Minor Lg baseball in which the home team will be determined via coin flip.  Teams do not need to provide concession stand volunteers for league tournament games.

Click HERE for a summary of league tournament champions & runners-up

Baseball League Tournament Brackets

Rookie BB Bracket
Minor BB Bracket
Major BB Bracket
Junior BB Bracket
Senior BB Bracket

Softball League Tournament Brackets

Rookie SB Bracket
Minor SB Bracket
Major SB Bracket
Junior SB Bracket