WMLL Tournament Team Information


Every spring/summer season, WMLL forms a number of “all-star” tournament teams at different age levels as an extra optional opportunity for interested players and coaches. Each tournament team plays in 2-3 area tournaments (the number & locations are determined by the WMLL Board of Directors).  For most baseball tournament teams one of these tournaments is the official Little League tournament.

Participation on a tournament teams is not guaranteed – players must tryout & be selected.  Players are selected by the tournament team coach based on a combination of voting by players & coaches in the player’s league, a tournament team tryout, tournament team coach evaluations based on regular season games, and/or player evaluations provided by other head coaches in their league.

See below for a summary of key information (click on the image to enlarge).
Details can be found HERE.

Congratulations to the U14 baseball team for their second place finish at the State tournament & their Reedsburg consultation title win!  Click HERE for a photo of the team with the District title banner & HERE for a team photo after the Reedsburg victory.

Congratulations to the U9 American baseball team for their second place finish in the Reedsburg tournament!  Click HERE for a team photo.

Congratulations to the U10 National baseball team for their second place finish in the Verona tournament!  Click HERE for a team photo.