West Madison Travel Team program

West Madison Travel Team (WMTT) is intended for WMLL players & families looking for additional opportunities for fun, skill development & personal growth through baseball & softball beyond WMLL’s current spring/summer & fall seasons of play.

WMTT will provide these opportunities via a season that begins with indoor winter practice sessions followed by spring/summer practices & tournament play.

In some ways, WMTT teams can be seen as an expansion of WMLL’s traditional “all star” tournament teams, which, in most cases, WMTT teams will replace in all non-District tournament play.  WMTT teams will provide more development/practice time and more tournament play than WMLL’s traditional “all star” tournament teams.

Click the links below for details & HERE to register for the WMTT tryouts.

(Indoor Winter Practices, Spring/Summer Practices, Tournament Play)

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Important Things to Know About WMTT Teams & WMLL Tournament Teams for 2022
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