Have ideas? Want to help keep WMLL the special place that it is? Serve on WMLL’s Board of Directors!


How many people are on the Board?

The WMLL Board of Directors consists of 15-members that are elected to 3-year terms – with five Board seats regularly up for election every year.  This year there will also be a special election to fill two 1-year Board seats.

Current Board members:
–  ending in Oct 2021: Katie Johnson, Harry Miller, Mark Newburg, Robb Vogel & Barry Vredenbregt
–  thru 2022: Kraig Bodie, Nate Judnic, Mark Schauder, Todd Conkey*, Sean Michael Dargan*
–  thru 2023: Joan Farrel, Scott Fossum, Tom Heneghan, Chris Jillings & Jerry Schmitt
* = stepping down from Board in October 2021 – a special election will be held to fill these 1-year seats

What does the Board do?

The WMLL Board of Directors is a working Board responsible for managing WMLL’s programs, property & affairs to provide our players with everything they need to grow and have fun and for planning & shaping the organization’s future to ensure continued success.

What is required of Board members?

WMLL Board members are expected to:
(1) attend monthly Board meetings,
(2) assist at WMLL events,
(3) serve in one or more leadership positions, coordinator roles and/or committee positions critical to the smooth function of WMLL – most of which do not require any special knowledge of baseball/softball rules or skills.

What are some of the leadership positions & coordinator roles available to Board members?

Board members volunteer to lead in areas in which they have interests and/or experience.
–  Board Officers: President, VP-Baseball, VP-Softball & Treasurer
–  Programs: Baseball & Softball Leagues, Player & Coach Clinics, Special Events (Skills Session, Brewer’s Game, HR Derby, etc.), Tournament Teams, Challenger League, etc.
–  Marketing, Planning & Development: Community Outreach, Player Recruiting, Registration, Volunteer Engagement, Communications, Fundraising, Sponsorships, Planning, Budgeting, etc.
–  Operations & Administration: Uniforms & Equipment, Concessions, Building & Grounds, Scheduling, Umpires, Safety, Compliance, IT, etc.

When are Board elections?

Board elections take place at WMLL’s Annual Meeting, which is on Saturday, October 23 at 9 AM via Zoom.
–  Each candidate is given the opportunity to make a brief statement to the members in attendance before voting takes place.
–  For consistency, each candidate is asked to include brief responses to THESE questions in their comments.

How can I learn more about Board service?

If you are interested in learning more about WMLL’s Board of Directors or in running for a Board position, please contact the Board President, Todd Conkey, at tconkey@mac.com or 608/338-6225 or Executive Director, Brian Beutter, at brian.beutter@gmail.com or 608/535-0001.

Not interested in serving on the Board?

Attend WMLL’s Annual Meeting to stay informed, be heard, and participate in the election of new Board members.

The Annual Meeting is on Saturday, October 23 at 9 AM via online meeting & consists of 3 important parts:
(1) A year-in-review update from the Board President and a financial status report from the Board Treasurer
(2) An open-forum during which any member can ask questions, make suggestions or offer ideas
(3) Elections of five Board members that will lead WMLL for the next three years as well as a special election to fill two Board seats with a one-year term.