Please consider a donation to help keep WMLL special!

THANK YOU FOR BEING A PART OF WMLL & for your support in our two safe & successful 2022 seasons of baseball & softball!  With over 600 players in each of the spring/summer and fall seasons  WMLL had a full schedule of games throughout.  In July we hosted State Major Baseball Tournament. WMLL was also thrilled to have the Challenger League again for boys & girls with physical & mental disabilities.

To keep WMLL the special place that it is, with first-class playing fields and a safe family-friendly ballpark, many improvements were made in 2022 – including ballpark-wide wifi coverage, a new PA system, new dugout roofs on Major and Senior fields, a new scorer’s table on Major field, concessions upgrades and many flowers added to the garden landscape around WMLL.  As a volunteer-driven, non-profit organization, WMLL relies heavily on donations to fund these improvements.  THANK YOU SO MUCH to everyone that donated in 2022.  These improvements would not have been possible without your generosity!

Many more improvements are planned for 2023:

  • General: new trash & recycling receptacles, new railing along the pathway to Minor field, more tree and vegetation removal where overhanging field of play, new water fountain with bottle filler
  • Senior Field: Rework the warning track

To support these efforts & our critical player scholarship fund that makes WMLL accessible to everyone, we are asking all WMLL families to consider making a 100% tax deductible year-end donation.  Click HERE for more information on making a donation

With gratitude,
Jerry Schmitt & Ben Stuart
WMLL’s Board President & Executive Director