Updated Mandatory Service Requirement & Opt Out Option for 2022

WMLL’s updated mandatory service requirement provides families with many more service options & much more scheduling flexibility (families are no longer required to volunteer during their child’s game); and counts all volunteering towards satisfying the service requirement – including operating the scoreboard, announcing, and Fall Ball base umpiring.  It also reduces the burden on Team Coordinators, who no longer have to recruit and track team volunteers other than scoreboard operating & Fall Ball base umpiring.

REQUIREMENT (Updated for 2022)

To make the WMLL experience a great one for our players, while also keeping our registration fees affordable, WMLL requires families to satisfy a volunteer service requirement each season or to opt out of their service commitment by paying a special fee when registering.
– Families for whom the service requirement and opt out fee would be a hardship that would prevent them from playing can apply for an exemption by contacting the Marketing & Membership Committee.
– During Fall Ball, Challenger League parents are exempt from this requirement so that they can be available to attend to their child’s needs.

  • Spring/Summer Season
    • Service Requirement = 6 credits per player / 12 credits maximum per family
    •  Opt Out Fee* = $150 per player / $300 maximum per family
  • Fall Season
    • Service Requirement = 4 credits per player / 8 credits maximum per family
    • Opt Out Fee* = $100 per player / $200 maximum per family

* = If a family chooses to opt out of the service requirement during registration, they must do so for all their credits.


A variety of volunteer opportunities exist for families to fulfill their service commitment obligation – including many new options compared to past seasons.  Moreover, ALL volunteering at WMLL now counts toward satisfying the service requirement – including operating the scoreboard, announcing, and Fall Ball base umpiring.

Every service opportunity will specify a predetermined credit value that will be awarded to families that volunteer for that opportunity.  The credit value of each volunteer opportunity is based on the time requirement, skills needed, and importance.

Examples of volunteer opportunities with credit values: 

  • Board Member = fully satisfy a family’s volunteer credit requirements – view duties
  • Head Coach = fully satisfy a family’s volunteer credit requirements – view duties
  • Assistant Coach = 12 credits per team that the head coach may split between up to three assistant coaches – view duties
  • Team Coordinator = 6 credits  – view duties (note: Team Coordinators no longer have to recruit and track team volunteers other than scoreboard operating & Fall Ball base umpiring.)
  • Concession Stand Helper (at any game…not just your child’s games) = 3 credits per 2-hour shift  – view duties
  • Scoreboard Operator = 1 credit per game
  • Committee Member = credits vary based on details
  • Special Event Helper (Field Cleanup, HR Derby, Movie Night, Tournament Helper, etc.) = credits vary based on details
  • Additional Volunteer Opportunities = WMLL’s Marketing & Membership Committee will actively look to add new volunteer opportunities throughout the season.  If a family member has a special skill or interest that they would like to use in satisfying their service commitment, please contact the Marketing & Membership Committee.


Invitation to the Mandatory Service team in TeamSnap: All families will receive an invitation to the Mandatory Service team in TeamSnap which will be used by WMLL this to share different opportunities and by families to sign up to complete them. Note: To view this team, you might need to toggle between your players current team and this one.

Volunteer Opportunities:  Specific volunteer opportunities (including date and time) will be shared with families via the Mandatory Service team in TeamSnap with new opportunities being added from time to time throughout the season.

Volunteering: Families can sign up for these volunteer opportunities on a first come, first served basis – via the Mandatory Service team schedule using the assignments tab. Please sign up using your player’s name.

Credit Tracking & Status Updates: Upon successful completion of a service opportunity (as reported by a designated organizer/coordinator), the credit will be logged by WMLL’s Marketing & Membership Committee and/or trained volunteers who will also track fulfilled credits to date and provide regular, thoughtful communication with families.  Once a family completes all their required credits, they will be removed from the team so that they are not bothered with unnecessary email messages.

Unfulfilled Credit Resolution: At the end of each season, WMLL reserves the right to have families buy out any remaining/unfulfilled credits at $25/credit and/or to add these credits to the families’ next season service requirements. All efforts will be made to help families complete their service requirement.  WMLL relies on volunteers to provide the very best program and appreciates everyone’s good faith effort to fully complete their service requirement.


If you have questions about anything related to the mandatory service requirement or opt out option, please contact Laura Swisher, WMLL’s Marketing & Membership Committee Chair at  laurabeaswisher@gmail.com or (412)260-2476.