WMLL Cold Weather Policy

WMLL has adopted a cold weather policy to ensure consistency in determining whether cold weather games are played or cancelled & rescheduled later.  This policy considers player safety, equipment thresholds for appropriate use, & player/spectator/umpire/coach/volunteer well-being.

If the projected wind chill (per the following guidelines) forecast on weather.com from the scheduled game start time through 2 hours following the scheduled start time is below 35 degrees, the game will be cancelled & rescheduled later.

  • Weekday Games: The determination will be made using weather.com’s forecasted wind chill (“feels like”) at 3 PM.
  • Weekend Games (& special weekday with earlier than normal games):  The determination will be made using weather.com’s projected wind chill (“feels like”) at 7 AM for day games & 3 PM  for evening games.