About WMLL

Since 1959, tens of thousands of boys and girls have benefitted from the opportunity to participate in a program that has become well known throughout the state as a model organization for Little League. The lasting memories created at WMLL have continued to help the league grow and prosper for decades.

The 2018 season at West Madison Little League will mark the 54th anniversary at our current facility located on Forward Drive. Approximately 1,400 kids participate annually between our two programs — the spring/summer Little League season and the Fall Ball program.

In 2018 we also celebrate our 54th year of cooperation with WMTV Channel 15 in Madison, whose land we lease for our operation. This partnership between the two organizations has been successful in providing a positive baseball/softball experience to the parents and children of the west side of Madison during that period of time.

For decades, West Madison Little League has been giving kids experiences they remember for the rest of their lives. Families spend time together. Neighbors socialize. Communities unite. West Madison Little League is truly a family destination.

Keeping kids involved and communities engaged benefits everyone – something to not miss out on. Help us maintain the sound of bats ringing, summer days filled with laughter, and the smack of the ball into a well-oiled glove. Live the tradition and become part of our future!

That’s what West Madison Little League is all about…

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