Code of Conduct – Safety & Behavior Expectations


SPORTSMANSHIP: Coaches, players, parents and spectators should adhere to a high level of sportsmanship. The league will not tolerate negative interactions between or among coaches, spectators & players; harassment of umpires; verbal or physical altercations involving coaches, players, or spectators; hazing or organized chanting or “cheering” directed at opposing teams or players.  Instances of unsportsmanlike behavior reported to the Board of Directors will be investigated by the President and may result in discipline, including suspensions.

TREATMENT OF UMPIRES: Coaches, players, parents and spectators must accept and respect umpire decisions. They should refrain from questioning “judgment” calls and must parents avoid actions which tend to undermine umpire authority. Umpires will not tolerate any abusive language, equipment throwing or other violent or unsportsmanlike behavior by coaches, players or fans.

  • Warning:  Any person guilty of participating in these actions will be warned once by the umpires.
  • Ejection: A second violation will result in ejection from the game and removal from the WMLL field areas. In severe instances, the offending party will be immediately ejected.  Note: The umpire will report such ejections to the umpire coordinator who will notify the VP-Baseball / Softball.
  • Suspension: Unsportsmanlike behavior which results in a game ejection carries with it another one game suspension. For a second game ejection there will be an automatic three game suspension and for a third game suspension, the individual will receive a season ending suspension.


Coaches and coaching staff should provide the players and fans with an exemplary model of sportsmanship & are expected to conduct themselves in an appropriate manner at all times. Coaches are to follow all WMLL rules – in general & specific to their individual league.


  • To question an umpire’s ruling, coaches may not run out of the dugout or yell objections. Instead one coach from the team must request a time out and then meet with the umpire who made the call & one coach from the opposing team in foul territory to calmly discuss the matter.  The second umpire is encouraged to join in discussions as needed.
    • If the umpires ruling was a judgment call based on the correct understanding & application of the rules, the coach may request an appeal.  In any case, the umpire’s final call must be respected & the coach should not argue or complain to the umpire or publicly.
    • If the umpires ruling was based on an incorrect understanding or application of the rules, the umpire(s) & coaches should work together to determine the correct response.  If a ruling change is in order, the change must be announced by the umpire that made the original call.
  • To check on an injured player, a coach may move onto the playing field after requesting a time out from the umpire to assist the injured player.
  • Coaches who feel an individual umpire is lacking in skills or knowledge should not offer instruction or advice but should report their concern to the League Coordinator or Umpire Coordinator.

MISCONDUCT: Any coach that is reported to the League for issues of misconduct may be investigated by the Board and may result in discipline, including being suspended from games, practices, and other volunteer positions.  Examples of misconduct are as follows, but not limited to openly disputing or arguing any decision by an umpire; using obscene or vulgar language; visually displaying any sign of dissatisfaction with an umpire’s decision including staying on the field or standing in the dugout with the intent of inciting the officials, players or spectators; & berating players, umpires, coaches, families, and/or spectators in a manner unbecoming WMLL.

  • Warning: First warning may be a discussion between the coach(es) and the League Coordinator and/or Board President. In severe instances, the offending party may be immediately suspended.  A written summary of the discussion will be provided to all parties and kept on file.  
  • Suspension: A second infraction that occurs in the current year may be an automatic suspension from coaching. The period of suspension will be no less than two (2) weeks and may be up to the remaining season based on the severity. A written summary of the discussion will be provided to all parties and kept on file.


Any member of the WMLL Organization or Community is subject to further consequence should they be found to flagrantly disregard the Organization’s rules and expectations. Examples of possible consequences are as follows, but not limited to inability to serve as a WMLL volunteer and/or inability to participate on WMLL committees.


WMLL believes in “safety first” & is an active participant in Little League, Inc.’s “A Safety Awareness Program”.  Players, coaches, spectators & umpires are expected to be careful, to use good judgment & to adhere to the following safety rules.  Click HERE for WMLL’s Full Safety Plan.

  • Player drop offs: Please do not pull into WMLL’s main parking lot for drop-offs or pick-ups as there are many players & children in the area – instead use the designated “drop off” zone on Forward Drive just to the north of the main parking lot entrance
    • Note: Any cars that park in WMLL’s parking lot without a WMLL coach’s pass or handicap sticker or plate will be ticketed.
  • Peanut ban: For the safety of players & spectators with peanut allergies, WMLL does not allow peanuts at the ballpark
  • Facility cleanliness & safety: Help keep WMLL’s fields, grounds & facilities neat, clean & safe. Clean up after yourself & report any safety or hygiene concerns to the concession stand.
  • Safe warm up: Players should warm-up away from crowds & traffic patterns & must not swing bats outside playing field fences, unless they are in a batting cage or soft-toss station
  • Errant balls: Be on the lookout for foul & thrown balls at all times
  • Safe play: Remind your children to be careful on the playground equipment & to refrain from playing on or underneath bleachers
  • Severe weather: When threatening weather approaches, seek appropriate shelter (do not move under trees)
    • Note: When lighting is visible, game will be suspended for 30 minutes and all coaches, players, spectators and umpires are expected to take immediate shelter in the dugouts, near the concession stand, picnic porch or in private vehicles to insure their safety.  If the delay continues to a total of 45 minutes, that game will be postponed & rescheduled per current rules.