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Dick’s Discount Days 2017

Special deals for WMLL families from Dick’s Sporting Goods at West Towne…..March 11-12
BAT manufacturer’s rep will be on hand to answer questions about BAT RULES

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Stepping Up To The Big Leagues

Kids who play organized youth sports all dream of one day growing up and playing at the professional level. But there may be a better track to the BIGS…

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Photo: WMLL ball field behind a field of flowers

Welcome to the 2014 Season

Opening Day for our baseball and softball leagues is now in the books. Thanks to all the fans who came out to support our players and coaches!!!

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WMLL’s Budget Process

The WMLL Board of Directors take managing the organization’s money serious and have a series of checks and balances to insure that we know where every dollar comes from and where it goes to.

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