Equipment Donation Drop-Off Sites

Thank you for donating your unneeded equipment to WMLL!

There is no need to make arrangements in advance…just follow the drop off instructions below for the location you will be using.

Memorial High School Area

Barry Vredenbregt
7305 Sawmill Road (across from Wexford Park)
575-6204 /
Leave donations on the front porch at 7305 Sawmill Road, a green ranch

Dudgeon-Monroe Area

Todd Conkey
3536 Cross Street
608/338-6225 /
Put donations in the tub in the carport behind the house (enter on Briar Hill Road)

West High School Area

Brian Beutter
2423 Norwood Place
608/535-0001 /
Place donations in the black caddy next to the front steps

Southwest Madison

Jerry Schmitt
3822 Country Grove Drive
608/575-3988 /

Crestwood Area

Fern Knepp
5725 Dogwood Place
608/228-5350 /