Key Spring/Summer Season Dates

Season Prep

Feb 4: Last day to receive a $25 early bird registration discount
Feb 28: Last day to register with the guarantee of a roster spot on a team
Mar 3: Special WMLL discount days at Dicks Sporting Goods (at Dicks West Towne store)
Mar 17: Skill Sessions for players 7-12 years old (see schedule for times, in Memorial High School Fieldhouse)
Apr 2: Forward Drive fields open for practice (weather permitting)
Apr 7: Annual WMLL field clean-up day (9-11 AM)

Opening Day & Team Photos

Apr 21-22: Opening Day (all games at the Forward Drive fields)
Apr 28-29: Team pictures, round 1 (all softball & Atlantic League baseball)
May 5-6: Team pictures, round 2 (Pacific, Major & Badger Leagues)
May 25: Senior League baseball Opening Day
May 31: Junior League softball Opening Day – tentative
Jun 3: Team pictures, round 3 (Senior League baseball)

Games at Helfaer Field (site of the old Milwaukee County Stadium playing field)

Jun 9: Major League baseball

WMLL regular season playoffs

Jul 1-22: TBD (varies by league)

Baseball District Tournaments (all tentative)

TBD: Seniors
Jul 7-11: Juniors (location TBD)
Jul 11-17: 12’s (location TBD)
Jul 12-18: 11’s (location TBD)
Jul 19-25: 10’s (location TBD)

WMLL baseball tournament team tryouts & games

Jun 1-5: Tournament team tryouts (tentative)
Jul 13-15: Oregon tournament
Jul 27-29: Reedsburg tournament
Jul 27-29: Beaver Dam tournament

WMLL softball tournament team tryouts & games

Jun 1-5: Tournament team tryouts (tentative)
Jul 6-8: Baraboo tournament – U10 & U12 (tentative)
Jul 13-15: Sun Prairie tournament – U10 & U12 (tentative)